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Posted by MyCareText on Apr 4, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Coordinate your patient flow with QuickPage:

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is also a major tool for improving patient satisfaction. 

Providing the helpful information to your patients and family members at the right time can be as simple as pointing them in the right direction with a text message to guide them to their destination, sending them to your website to look at information, or to complete an online form.


Here are some uses for QuickPage:

  • Helping patients and family members find their way through your facility
  • Paging patients when staff is ready to take them back to the examination room
  • Tracking down "lost" family members when you can't find them in the waiting room
  • Sending links with helpful information or forms to your patients with one click of a mouse

Send simple text messages such as:

  • "Please meet the nurse in Room 1"
  • "Please return to the registration desk for your paperwork"
  • "The technician is ready - Please report to the testing lab on the 5th floor"
  • "The doctor is ready to meet with the family at the reception area"

So simple to use, just like the restaurants and service providers use every day:

Knowledge can be just one click away...

Just choose a message, enter a phone number, and click send...



Simple to use for staff - One click does it all!

Fully Compliant with your organization's policy, HIPAA, and TCPA.

Easy Implementation within 24 hours of purchase

Adaptable to many departments - in use currently with clinics, emergency departments, operating rooms, hospital concierge, endo, ASCs, and many more...


QuickPage is an affordable way for your organization to keep patients, staff, and family members in the loop by quickly sending safe, compliant text messages. It is also an excellent introduction to the MyCareText suite of applications for supporting your patient experience efforts.Click the button below to learn more and qualify for a Free Trial of QuickPage!





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