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Improve Patient Experience AND Increase Revenue in 14 days or Less?

Posted by Bill Cooey on Jul 27, 2015 11:00:00 AM
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Can you increase your revenue within 2 weeks AND improve the patient's experience? Sounds too good to be true, right? 

It is quite possible and very true. Great patient experience starts with the communication that is received prior to the initial encounter including the quantity and quality of information received relating to the appointment - what to do prior, where to go, what time to be there. A little guidance from the provider will go a very long way to paving the road for exceptional patient experiences. Nothing can be more frustrating to a patient or their caregiver than the simple act of forgetting to bring their insurance info or forgetting to prepare and causing the appointment to be rescheduled.

The Ease of Recapturing the 30% of Missed Appointments Revenue


In this day of rapidly advancing technology there is simply no excuse not to engage the patient, their family members, or their care givers efficiently with their personal electronic devices. With the advent of the cell phone, email, and social media, the cost of providing this expected "customer service" is negligible in comparison to the benefits it will provide.

SMS - Simple Messaging Service, also known as Text Messaging, happens to be the fastest and easiest way to increase hospital or practice revenue by reducing "no shows" and improperly prepared patients. 

Facts -

  • More and more people are canceling their land line phone service and replacing it with cell phones
  • Most voice mails are ignored and never heard
  • Voice calls are inefficient and don't reach most patients
  • Health care staff have less time than ever to focus on administrative tasks
  • Missed procedure appointments can drain your organization of as much as 30% of its potential revenue

MyCareText provides its customers with the tools to take their service to the next level by sending text messages 100% automatically from the EHR system without manual intervention by staff. Once the synchronization process is setup, the provider need never worry about uploading files or doing manual data entry.

Now take these simple steps:

Step 1: Start with a simple appointment reminder 

  • What, where, and when

Step 2: Provide timely information targeted to the patient and situation

  • Remind them to do their prep the day before
  • Inform them of the best route to take to get them to you on time
  • Advise them of delays and closures due to weather
  • Ask them to bring ID, paperwork, and Insurance information with them

Step 3: Communicate using the format the patient desires

  • Brief but timely and digestible text messages to be read at their convenience
  • Patients already receive their dentist, stylist, and flight information via text
  • Enable the patient to quickly reply with "confirm" or "cancel" so you can act to fill the vacancy

But remind me again - how does this relate to improving patient experience AND increasing revenue?

Direct Benefits -

  • This is the beginning of the patient's encounter. Help them to be successful and they will remember that you did when time comes to refer their friends and family
  • Missed appointments kill revenue production - you don't get paid for empty time slots

Indirect Benefits -

  • Better planned schedules = more efficient encounters = more "one on one" time for the provider = more satisfied patients = more revenue

Congratulations! You are taking your first steps to better service! 

MyCareText can help you to quickly design and implement a plan for increasing revenue and improving patient experience. Achieve measurable results as soon as tomorrow!

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